Making Change Less Painful (an Anthropologist’s Take on Corporate Culture)


This episode will cover:

  • Why we are not evolved to cope well with change.
  • How corporations should respond to change.
  • Tips about how to build a real “tribe” from a trained anthropologist.
  • What mistakes companies are making in communicating with their employees.

Paul W. Draper. Paul is an anthropologist, mentalist, and organizational improvement expert. He has consulted with some of the most-innovative companies in the world including Apple, Nikon, 7-11, JVC, Kodak, The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace in Vegas and Pepsi. He’s lectured at Yale University, Westminster College and the University of Nevada. And has been featured on the History Channel, WB, A&E, HBO, and HGTV.

The last time I saw Paul in person was at Comicon in Salt Lake City, Utah. He wore his signature three-piece suit and successfully read the minds of a handful of unsuspecting comic-pop-culture enthusiasts in front of a packed auditorium. I’ve known Paul for a long time — in fact, we were in debate class together in high school — and I’m so blown away by what he has accomplished. But the thing I’ve always loved most about Paul is his heart. He has a genuine care for others, is actively involved in programs to raise money for charity and improve his local community and his business consulting methodology is not only about the bottom line, but about people.

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