Response to SEC Allegations

Because Google is so great at indexing my 2011 run-in with the SEC, I feel like I need to address it. Although, I suspect as time goes by, it will become less and less relevant.

Quick story:

In my early twenties, I met a much older man who I thought was dynamic, talented, and had a thriving business. Everyone who worked with him seemed to trust him. His business partner was honest and accomplished. His kids loved him. He had close friends. His family supported him and several family members worked for him. Even his ex-wife expressed her appreciation of him. I thought he was a good guy. We got married and he put all assets in my name, including a real estate investment firm he created.

I was unaware of the depth of his past indiscretions, which made him a target for the FBI (who ranks him high on their repeat fraudster list). About three years after we were married, the SEC came in and shut down my businesses and froze all my assets because of my husband’s involvement. Then the DOJ got involved and indicted both my husband and me for fraud.

I was convinced he was innocent. From my point of view our business dealings were legitimate and not meant to defraud and I had several attorneys telling me that everything was legal and that he was being unfairly targeted. So, I decided to “stand by my man” and my husband continued to use me as a shield to protect himself from the government. Things got worse and worse for me until I finally distanced myself from my husband and got my own attorney.

Thankfully, the truth came out and the indictment was dismissed against me. My ex wasn’t so lucky; he ended up in prison for a while. We are now divorced, haven’t spoken in years, and my life is back to being drama free. (Except for the occasional delayed flight.)

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