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Laura A. Roser is considered the leading expert in meaning legacy planning. Some events that work well for her expertise are: financial and estate planning conferences, wellness and mindfulness retreats, corporate leadership trainings, philanthropic events, and family or couples education. She is versatile and comfortable with keynotes, panel discussions or workshops and her presentations can range anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole day (depending on your needs).


Developing a Legacy of Excellence

The greatest legacy is a life well lived. In this presentation, Laura will discuss how to develop an authentic legacy – not for the end goal of monetary success or to gain fame or enhance reputation, but for the sake of advancing one’s state of being and increasing love.

You will learn:

  • How to create principles that develop your inner foundation and lead to ultimate happiness and character growth.
  • The 7 stages of legacy maturity.
  • How to craft yourself into someone who is kind, intelligent, productive and courageous.
  • How to create a legacy vision that will help others and leave the world a better place.

Passing On What Matters

Whether you are just starting your family or are an empty nester, crafting a clear plan for your family legacy creates deeper meaning and purpose for yourself and your loved ones.

In this presentation, Laura covers:

  • Why financial assets are the least important assets you can pass on to your heirs (but are frequently the only assets discussed by estate planners and wealth advisors).
  • The top 5 stories your children need to know to enhance their self-esteem.
  • How to create a home environment that fosters love, loyalty and compassion.
  • The four essential skills your children need to grow up to be happy, healthy adults.
  • How to convey your wisdom, principles and stories to your family in a way that will enhance their lives, improve trust and foster open communication.

To invite Laura to speak at your next event, contact Paragon Road at info@paragonroad.com or call (858) 877-5985.

PDF Downloads:

Laura Roser Speaking Introduction >

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Women’s Philanthropy Board, Auburn University (2020)
  • Charitable Gift Planners of Central Florida (2020)
  • Seattle Foundation (2019)
  • Real Talk San Diego (2019)
  • Annual Client Appreciation Event for Superior Planning – Del Mar (2018)
  • The Institute for Federal Leadership, Georgetown University (2018)
  • Advisors in Philanthropy Annual Conference (2018)
  • Purposeful Planning Institute (2018)
  • The Fundraising Coach (2018)
  • SHE Stories Podcast (2018)
  • Cool Idea! Podcast (2018)
  • Entrepreneur Podcast Network (2018)
  • Various local groups and conferences around the country (2018)
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